Payments and Coupons


Brubaker Store S.r.l accepts the following methods of payment:

- Credit card: we accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro. Each payment transaction is processed ensuring maximum security and confidentiality of data. If the funds are sufficient to make the purchase and the bank details are valid, the purchase will be processed instantly.

- PayPal: you can make your payments with your verified PayPal account. Brubaker Store reserves the right to ship products to the address indicated on your verified PayPal account. Payments for product orders from unverified PayPal accounts will be cancelled and, consequently, not processed by the company.

- Apple Pay: fast payment system not only easy and secure that allows you to make purchases through your Apple device with a simple tap or through facial recognition (face ID).

- Google Pay: fast and easy payment system that allows you to use the cards stored in your Google account. It has multiple levels of security to give you the ability to make purchases while safeguarding your information from any dangers.

- Bank Transfer: You can make your payments via bank transfer. Once the payment is made, the customer is required to send within 4 days a copy of the payment.

The items purchased by bank transfer will be set aside and shipped only after crediting to the account of the company of the amounts corresponding to the purchase of products.

The order will be shipped within 24 hours after the crediting of the payment on the account indicated:

Made out to: Brubaker Store S.r.l

Bank: Unicredit 

IBAN : IT32O0200814502000106092582


- Cash on delivery (ONLY IN ITALY): Brubaker Store offers the possibility to pay directly to the courier after receiving the package from the latter. The payment is made in cash and the courier does not give change and does not accept checks.

The customer who chooses the cash on delivery as a method of payment must necessarily enter the tax code and / or VAT during checkout, and be in possession of a postal or bank account for a possible refund in case of return.

If payment does not take place for reasons attributable to the customer, Brubaker Store reserves the right not to pursue new business relations with the customer.

At the time of payment to the courier, the customer will have to pay to the courier an extra charge of 5 euros on the final account of the order.


Customers who have received a promotional coupon to use on through an email newsletter, social networks or approved promotional websites, can enter this coupon code during checkout in the appropriate box.

Each code has a well-defined time validity, after the time limit of use the validity of the coupon can no longer be extended in any way. Promotional coupons can not be used, with certain exceptions, to purchase items on sale.

Except where expressly stated that the coupon is also usable in the physical store, all coupons are usable only on the online store.